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photo of journal cover Information, Knowledge, Systems Management

Three interacting aspects of management affect enterprises’ abilities to achieve desired levels of integration, productivity, and performance:
• Information Management
• Knowledge Management
• Systems Management

These three aspects are the focus of: Information • Knowledge • Systems Management . We are interested in publishing articles that provide thoughtful treatments of approaches to principles, practices, and perspectives related to systems of all types. We are especially concerned with systems that involve significant interactions of organizations and computer and communications technologies, particularly those that are software intensive and support the use of information and knowledge capital for organizational and societal improvement.

Current Issue : Volume 11, Number 3-4, 2012

photo of journal cover Human Systems Management

Human Systems Management (HSM) is an international journal addressing the need to understand and shape the organizational and managerial impact of high technology. The journal proceeds by seeking to promote an interface of two inseparable and complementary aspects of managing: Management of human systems: the science and technology of management, striving for productivity, efficient performance and technical competence through effective organization; Human management of systems: the art of management, linking humans into productive teams and catalyzing their creative potential through enterprise, leadership, innovation and participation.
Current Issue : Volume 32, Number 1, 2013

photo of journal cover Information Polity

Information Polity is dedicated to publishing work from two main sources: academic and practitioner. The journal publishes work from academics that is both of top quality and, equally, of high strategic relevance to practitioners. Secondly, the journal is intent on publishing work undertaken by practitioners – professional, administrative and political – who are actively engaged in the broad arenas of government and democracy, whether at local, regional, national or supra-national levels. The journal is both international and comparative in its perspectives and welcomes articles from scholars and practitioners throughout the world.
Current Issue : Volume 18, Number 2, 2013

photo of journal cover Journal of Integrated Design & Process Science

The Journal of Integrated Design & Process Science strives to be the repository of human knowledge covering interdisciplinary notions of design and process in a rigorous fashion. The objective of this journal is to publish state-of-the-art papers in this expanding field, providing an international and interdisciplinary forum for the best work in design and process related areas. It is an archival, peer-reviewed technical journal publishing the following types of papers: a) research papers, b) reports on case studies, c) reports on major design and process projects, d) design and process standards and proposals, and e) insightful tutorials on design and process.
Current Issue : Volume 17, Number 1, 2013

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