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Information, Knowledge, Systems Management

Issue: Volume 11, Number 3-4, 2012

KFTGA: A tool for tracing knowledge flow and knowledge growth in knowledge sharing environment pp.205-224

Author(s): S.M.F.D. Syed Mustapha

U.S., Japan and EU auto industries' closed loop supply chains: A system dynamics study pp.225-254

Author(s): Sameer Kumar and Charu Chandra

Analysis and modeling of service impacts on system activities, resource workloads and service performance on computer and network systems pp.255-274

Author(s): Nong Ye, Billibaldo Martinez Aranda, Steve Yau and Dazhi Huang

A framework for interoperability assessments in Systems of Systems and Families of Systems pp.275-295

Author(s): Don Choi and Andrew P. Sage

Development of a mission statement for information and knowledge architectures for systems management of a global reserve currency pp.297-319

Author(s): Mario W. Cardullo and Andrew P. Sage

Visualizing technology mining results on life cycle axes: A study of server virtualization pp.321-343

Author(s): Sathiedev Mahesh, Cherie C. Trumbach and Kenneth R. Walsh

Book Review: Handbook of Health Delivery Systems by Y. Yih pp.345-345

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