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Information, Knowledge, Systems Management

Issue: Volume 3, Number 2-4, 2002/2003

Software Engineering Practices; are Software Quality and Time to Market Incompatible?: An Interview with Steve Cross pp.81-85

Author(s): Steve Cross

A System of Systems Focused Enterprise Architecture Framework and an Associated Architecture Development Process pp.87-105

Author(s): Jill Morganwalp, Andrew P. Sage

Systems Engineering and Management of Enterprise Information Systems: Ecological, Architectural, and Foundation Program Issues pp.107-122

Author(s): Bernard J. Sharum, Andrew P. Sage

An Assertion-Based Information-Probe System: Document-Skeleton and Glossary-Skeleton Approach pp.123-152

Author(s): Kuniaki Tabata, Sadamichi Mitsumori, , et al.

Pricing for IP Networks and Services pp.153-171

Author(s): Piotr Arabas, Mariusz Kamola, Krzysztof Malinowski, et al.

System and Software Requirements Validation through Inspections: Constructive Reading and Mining Requirements from Natural Language Requirements Documents pp.173-194

Author(s): Raymond J. Schneider, , , et al.

Book Review:: Business @ the Speed of Thought, by W. Gates pp.195-199

Book Review:: Handbook on Knowledge Management: Volume 1, Knowledge Matters; Volume 2, Knowledge Directions, by Holsapple, Clyde W. (Editor) pp.201-204

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